How we do it

Artistic Fox studio is a creative art studio in Colorado for adults and children. We hold master classes and courses in painting, drawing, sculpting & design, and crafts. Together with professional artists, we have developed unique creative author's drawing and painting lessons for adults and children from 3 to 103 years old. Under the guidance of our experienced artist-educators, you will get real creative drawing skills in different techniques, create your own works of art and have a great rest! Artistic Fox studio is located in cozy studio-workshops with mini Art Gallery and Gift shop in the Centennial in Heritage Shopping Plaza. We have created a great atmosphere of real artist’s workshops, where during unhurried and professional conversations about art you will learn to see like an artist, think like an artist and draw like a real artist!


Latest happenings

After five years of art school and six years of university study in the Russian Federation, she received her master’s degree in architecture. Ms. Shakirova emigrated to the United States in 2009 and made Denver her home. In addition to her contract illustration work, she teaches techniques in fine art to students of all ages. As a commercial artist, Ms. Shakirova is happy to consult with you about how to bring your illustrative vision to life, or provide a vision of her own if that is your wish. If your goal is dimensional wall art or sculpture, she would be happy to visit with you on-site to gain a better feel for the potential of the space.

Our Teachers

Kadriya Shakirova-Walden

Kadriya is an exceptional two- and three-dimensional illustrator residing in Denver, Colorado. Her art has been featured in books, advertisements, commercial buildings, schools and some of the finest private residences throughout Colorado. She is known for unique, hand-painted interior and exterior renderings, from antique to contemporary styles. After five years of art school and six years of university study in the Russian Federation, she received her master’s degree in architecture. Kadriya emigrated to the United States in 2009 and made Denver her home. In addition to her contract illustration work, she teaches techniques in fine art to students of all ages. "I am very enthusiastic about trying to convey my love of art , all my knowledge, and experience to my students. I am specially created an Artistic Fox studio, to give its students the opportunity to convey art to a wide range of possible: from painting and academic drawing, to sculpture, architecture and design."

Helena Puzakova

We were born creative for a reason and when we experience creating something in freedom and no fear, we connect with a very special part of ourselves. My love of art started at a very young age. I was constantly drawing, painting, sculpting and participate at art school at 12 years old. I am a winner of several International Art Contests at the regional stage "Greenwich Tower in New York city" and "Sustainable Regeneration" in 2011 and 2012. Having earned a double Bachelor’s in Architecture in Kazakh National Technical university and Almaty college of Building and Management , along with an Art School "Krupenya Workshop” , I started working with children to help them create interesting projects. I can help children learn how to paint oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, markers, color pencils, making sketches, sculpting, designing and crafting. A love of art grew into a love of helping others with their art. Seeing a young child create a piece of art and help them it is just really enjoyable process for me. I am sure that every child is talented and I love finding an approach for everyone to develop their talents. See you at Artistic Fox !

Nikolay Rizhankov

Nikolay Rizhankov was born in 1960 in Moscow, Russia. He studied fine art and Russian Classical Painting at the National University of Art in Moscow and graduated with a Masters in Fine Art in 1989. In November 2013, Nikolay Rizhankov relocated from Armenia to Denver, Colorado. He is currently working on landscape, portrait and still life paintings and restoration of an old painting. In his first year of living in America, Nikolay was awarded 1st Place in Professional Oil Painting (Floral Category) in the 52nd Annual Fall Art Festival of the Glenwood Springs Artist's Guild. Nikolay was also honored with a Wildlife Appreciation award and another for his miniatures. In the 2015, the Annual Lone Tree Art Expo presented him with the Commissioner’s Choice award. Classical painting style and traditional techniques rule in Nikolay's works. The artist never uses affordable and popular cotton canvas and acrylic primer, but only high quality linen canvas, masterfully stretching them and applying a special primer, in the tradition of the old masters. Not only do the paintings performed on linen canvas stay true to the test of time, but they also have a smoother and more robust surface. This approach gives Nikolay’s paintings lively energy, warmth and mystery.

Karinna Navarro

Karinna is a young visual artist who captivates her audience by creating surreal works of art using different mediums including; Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pencil/Charcoal, Markers as well as incorporating Glow-in-the-Dark, Gold Leaf and more. She has always had a creative imagination. By experimenting and learning different art styles she gained knowledge leading to her symbolic and compelling art style we see today. She has participated in art shows and has won several awards. One piece in particular really touched her audience and it won the Principal's Award. She went on to be awarded the People’s Choice Award at a public showing at a hospital and the piece is now circulating through hospitals around Colorado. She went to the University of Colorado Denver majoring in Fine Arts with 3D Graphics and Animation. She went on to start her own business KarinnaVictoria doing Commision Painting/Illustrations, Logo Design/Branding, and Photography. Art is a form of expression and creativity. It can capture the beauty of life in a still moment as well as convey deep emotions and stories. Karinna is passionate about teaching the basics of the art language to students so they might tell their unique stories to the world.

Daria Vinogorova

I started to teach art 3 years ago first as a substitute art teacher at Russian Center for the Art and Humanities (Lafayette, Colorado), then as a permanent position for the kids 5+. Artistic Fox studio has the same vision to teaching art to kids as me that is why I like to work here. Nice environment to be creative and open minded, develop some art skills and find new friends. We will do a lot with sculpting, painting and drawing. During the process we will find out a lot about the world around and art magic. Welcome to my classes at Artistic Fox studio!

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